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The Bee Smoker - An Essential Tool

Bee smokerSmoke has been the primary tool of beekeepers for thousands of years. It is what allows a beekeeper to open a beehive without being attacked and stung by hundreds of angry bees. By blowing smoke on the bees while a hive cover is removed, the bees are calmed and pretty much forget about becoming defensive over the distruption of their home. Actually, the smoke works by disabling their sensory system so that they do not become alarmed by the chemical scents put out by their sisters. Bees live in a chemical world, full of pheromeones which trigger responses useful to the hive. Smoke temporarily blocks the sensory receptors so that they don't get the chemical cue to help defend the hive. In a few minutes they return to normal with no harm done, but it allows the beekeeper to do his work in the hive in peace.

Bee smokers are sold at all beekeeping supply companies, don't try to work with bees without one.

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