Honey Bees and Gourd Art


Honey Bee Picture Gallery

  1. Bee Pollinating Avocado Blossom

  2. A Honeybee Sitting on a Naked Lady

  3. Instrumentally Inseminating a Queen Bee

  4. Strange Drone Bee Mutations

  5. Beeing Intimate with a Flower

  6. A Cordovan Queen with Her Eggs

  7. Carniolan Bee on a Poppy

  8. Bee Making Orange Honey

  9. Honeybee Enjoying a Water Lily

  10. Honey Bee Taking a Sip of Water

  11. Italian Queen Bee Being Fed

  12. Queen Bee Hatching from a Queen Cell

  13. Apple Blossoms Pollinated by Honeybee

  14. Africanized Honeybee Queen

  15. Queen Bee being Marked and Clipped

  16. Varroa Sensitive Hygiene VSH Queen

  17. Honey Bee Queen Cells

  18. Bee Pollen and Bee Bread

  19. Multiple Bees Working a Camellia

  20. Queen Bee Introduction

  21. Grafting Queen Cells

  22. Honeybees and Gourd Art

  23. Ancient Egyptian Bee Hieroglyphics


Honey bee pollinating a gourd

Welburn Gourd Farm

Gourd art


Glenn Apiaries is lucky to be located next to the Welburn Gourd Farm on the historic Garnsey Ranch in De Luz Canyon, near Fallbrook, California. This is an organic farm, so it is very bee friendly, providing nectar and pollen without risk of poisoning the bees with pesticides. The bees help pollinate the gourds, but they are not only the only pollinators involved. The flowers of this Cucurbitaceae species open about sunset and close in the morning. So the bees start working the flowers late in the day and again early in the morning. But during the night pollination is done by moths and even bats, so this plant supports a wide diversity of pollinators.

The Welburn Gourd Farm produces hundreds of thousands of gourds every year. These gourds are used mostly by artists and crafts people around the world who produce the most amazing pieces of art. There must be something about the many unique shapes of these gourds that releases people's creativity. The bottom picture is an example of one of these inspired artists whose work was on display during one of the International Gourd Art Festivals held at the farm.

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