Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics of Honey Bees


Honey Bee Picture Gallery

  1. Bee Pollinating Avocado Blossom

  2. A Honeybee Sitting on a Naked Lady

  3. Instrumentally Inseminating a Queen Bee

  4. Strange Drone Bee Mutations

  5. Beeing Intimate with a Flower

  6. A Cordovan Queen with Her Eggs

  7. Carniolan Bee on a Poppy

  8. Bee Making Orange Honey

  9. Honeybee Enjoying a Water Lily

  10. Honey Bee Taking a Sip of Water

  11. Italian Queen Bee Being Fed

  12. Queen Bee Hatching from a Queen Cell

  13. Apple Blossoms Pollinated by Honeybee

  14. Africanized Honeybee Queen

  15. Queen Bee being Marked and Clipped

  16. Varroa Sensitive Hygiene VSH Queen

  17. Honey Bee Queen Cells

  18. Bee Pollen and Bee Bread

  19. Multiple Bees Working a Camellia

  20. Queen Bee Introduction

  21. Grafting Queen Cells

  22. Honeybees and Gourd Art

  23. Ancient Egyptian Bee Hieroglyphics


Honey bee hieroglyphic

Eygptian honey bee hieroglyphic

The earliest depictions of beekeeping come from the tombs of ancient Egypt from around 2400 BC. Bees were kept in cylinders made from reeds and covered in mud, hives such are still being kept by some beekeepers in the area today. The ancient Egyptian beekeepers also were migratory, putting many hives on rafts floating up and down the Nile River to where the best bee forage was located. Honey was found in the tombs of the pharaohs including King Tutankhamen. The honey recovered from these tombs was still edible, proving that honey never spoils.
The pictures above were taken at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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