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Glenn Apiaries has served the beekeeping industry for 35 years by selling queens and breeding stock from 1977 to 2012. Now we have retired to devote more time to family matters.

We will continue to the support the bee industry by providing information on queen rearing and the use of disease resistant bees . Our goal now is to share what we have learned over the years so that other beekeepers may carry on the work.Cordovan breeder queen

VSH- The state of the art line of bees for controlling mites and diseases naturally
Honeybee brood


VSH stands for
Varroa Sensitive Hygiene, a naturally occurring trait of honeybees. This behavioral trait causes the worker bees to detect, uncap and remove varroa mite infested brood.
Disrupting the reproduction of the varroa mites in this way effectively limits the population growth of the mites, often eliminating the need for miticide treatments.

This line of bees was selectively bred by USDA scientists in an impressive example of science working with nature to provide a sustainable solution to a very serious problem.

Sources of instrumentally inseminated breeder queens:

Harbo Bee Co. - VSH from the originator - (225)766-5696 Louisiana - email:

VP Queen Bees - 864-348-3026 - South Carolina



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Tom and Suki Glenn have retired and are no longer producing and selling breeder queens. For sources of naturally mated production queens see our  referral list.

 Beginning beekeepers click here for advice on getting started in beekeeping.

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