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Queen Bee Questionnaire

We are interested in beekeeper's needs and concerns regarding queen bees and their genetic characteristics. Your input, by answering the following questions would be greatly appreciated. Results of this questionnaire will be posted at this web site as they are tabulated.

In what country or state do you keep bees?

How many colonies do you manage?

How many years have you kept bees?

Which race of bee do you prefer?

Have you tried other races? Yes No

What do you consider the most important characteristic in bees?

What do you consider the 2nd most important characteristic in bees?

What do you consider the 3rd most important characteristic in bees?

How are your colonies usually requeened?

How would you rate the success of requeening?

What problems have you had requeening beehives? (click in boxes)

Poor quality queens ......Drone laying queens .....Early supersedure

Introduction unsuccessful .....Queen stops laying .....Disease introduced

Swarming .....Old queen not found .....Queens arrive dead

Queen not released from cage. .... .....Other

In your opinion, what is the most important problem facing beekeepers in your area?

Your comments and experiences are welcome here.

Thank you for your input.

Questionnaire results to date



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