Bee Enjoying a Beautiful Water Lily (Nymphaea)

Honeybee Gallery Photos

  1. Bee Pollinating Avocado Blossom

  2. Honey Bee Sitting on a Naked Lady

  3. Instrumentally Inseminating a Queen

  4. Strange Drone Bee Mutations

  5. Beeing Intimate with a Flower

  6. A Cordovan Queen with Her Eggs

  7. Carniolan Bee on a Poppy

  8. Bee Making Orange Honey

  9. Honeybee Enjoying a Water Lily

  10. Honey Bee Taking a Sip of Water

  11. Italian Queen Bee Being Fed

  12. Queen Bee Hatching from a Queen Cell

  13. Apple Blossom Pollinated by Honeybee

  14. Africanized Honeybee Queen

  15. Queen Bee being Marked and Clipped

  16. Varroa Sensitive Hygiene VSH Queen

  17. Honey Bee Queen Cells

  18. Bee Pollen and Bee Bread

  19. Multiple Bees Working a Camellia

  20. Queen Bee Introduction

  21. Grafting Queen Cells

  22. Honey Bees and Gourd Art

  23. Ancient Egyptian Bee Hieroglyphics

Honeybee pollinating water lilly
Honey bees are generalist foragers, visiting a wide variety of flowers. They pollinate flowers of many different species and genera, benefiting not only crops but also gardens and wildflowers. Their value as pollinators is incalculable when you include not only the $14,000,000 worth of crops in the US, but also the seeds and fruit provided for wildlife to eat. Without pollinators such as honeybees, bats, butterflies, and moths, flowering plants would disappear from Earth in a few years.
All of these pollinators deserve our respect and protection, it is in our own self interest that they continue to thrive. Unfortunately, many species are disappearing at an alarming rate do the the over use of pesticides and habitat loss. One organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of pollinators is the Xerces Society. Check out their website for ideas of what you can do to help save our pollinators.


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